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AUDIO | Favour Olugunwa – Ayomide

AUDIO | Favour Olugunwa - Ayomide


AUDIO | Favour Olugunwa – Ayomide

AUDIO | Favour Olugunwa - Ayomide

Artist: Favour Olugunwa
Song Title: Ayomide

Georgia based Gospel Singer Favour Olugunwa, makes entry into the gospel music industry with a debut release “Ayomide”.

“Ayomide” is a song that pumps your soul with joy. It was written by the 14-year-old “Favour Olugunwa”. It expresses joy in your heart no matter the mood you are and hears it.

Favour Olugunwa is an emerging Nigerian rooted gospel artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. This new and young artist ensures us that once you hear this song, you’ll never want to stop.

“I’ve had different experiences while writing and recording this song in the studio that I can never forget. This song means a lot to me, and also is about me and life itself that no matter what you go through, you’ll end up being happy.” ~ Favour

Listen & Download:


Instagram: @favourolugunwa
Twitter: @favourolugunwah
YouTube: Channel Favour Olugunwa

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