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VIDEO | Sheila Nanteza – Wanipenda


VIDEO | Sheila Nanteza – Wanipenda

Sheila Nanteza - Wanipenda

Kutoka Kenya leo tumekusogezea video mpya ya wimbo unaoitwa Wanipenda kutoka kwa mwanadada Sheila Nanteza.

“Wanipenda is a song inspired by Ephesians 2:4-5 which says The love of Christ is described as a great one. It is established that God loves us with His great love because when we were even dead in our sins, He quickened us together with Christ. This comforted me at a very vulnerable point of my life when i thought that all was lost, God proved strong. Be encouraged and never forget that His Love conquers All.” – Sheila Nanteza

Karibu kutazama video ya wimbo huu mzuri na hakika utabarikiwa na kuinuliwa, Amen.

Kwa mawasiliano zaidi na Sheila Nanteza wasiliana naye kupitia:
Simu/WhatsApp: +254 707 257226
Facebook: Sheila Nanteza
Instagram: @sheilananteza
Youtube: Sheila Nanteza

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