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Video: Revival – Tena na Tena


Video: Revival – Tena na Tena

Kutoka nchini Kenya leo tumekusogezea video ya wimbo uitwao Tena na Tena kutoka kwa mwimbaji wa nyimbo za Injili kwa mtindo wa ragga anayefahamika kwa jina la Revival.

“The story everyday is always about ‘mpenda anasa’ to changing your life for CHRIST” My story is one where I love music and its something inside me that I gear to show case to the world and change lives. I felt like i had to live so many lives for the sake of fitting in society and so in my previous life the name “Camouflage” did fit as I had to shift and change faces depending on what we needed to achieve/win.

But learning about CHRIST through Apostle Paul Williams and accepting HIM as my personal savior is the best thing that ever happened to me and I mean it,those who knew camouflage can attest to this. So I have vigor to reach as many as I can and ‘Revive’ their Focus back to CHRIST because I am a CHRIST Ambassador and so REVIVAL was born out to Revive All to CHRIST JESUS.” – Revival

Kwa moyo mkunjufu tunakukaribisha kutazama video hii na hakika utabarikiwa kwa namna yako, Amen.

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